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Property investment is well and truly back on the Costa del Sol. After the last financial crisis, property prices plummeted by up to 50 percentage in the worst affected areas. However, the past years have seen large increases in the valuation of properties right across the coast and now property investors looking to expand their property portfolio have returned.

So well is the property market here on the Costa del Sol - that the property rental industry is what many investors are turning to, especially in Malaga where rental prices have risen immensely. Spain in general has always been a big attraction for investing into a buy to let property, with huge demand for accommodation in Spain especially during the summer months - even though off peak season also draws large interest. With the ease of travel and low cost of renting an apartment for a week in comparison of a weeks stay in a hotel - no wonder the demand for cheap holiday accommodation has risen so much.

Spain has had recording breaking tourist numbers year on year for the past three to four years, most notably due to security risks posed to holiday makers and viewing Spain as a safe country to visit. But also due to more airlines flying in and out of the likes of Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Murcia - with excellent low cost travel available to us all.

Many investors opt to use their investment properties to yield more during the summer months as rental incomes can be as much as double as off peak season months. However, this entails more effort and cost as your apartment or villa will have to be cleaned, re-marketed and sometimes up keeps and renovations between arrivals. This will also reduce the amount of time that your property is occupied throughout the year. Long term lets are less effort, a constant income is assured, cleaning maintenance and advertising of the property is not then necessary. Long term rental prices are also on the rise along the Costa del Sol due to increased demand.

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