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Since the Spanish property crash, property prices had fallen for seven successive years even here on the Costa del Sol. Over the past few years however, with the real estate sector now turned the corner - property prices have shown signs of recovery and property sales to Spanish nationals as well as foreign overseas buyers along the coast are again starting to flourish. Nevertheless, even though signs are looking bright within the property industry in Spain, there will always be bargain properties available no matter how great the market is.

No matter what you are looking for; an apartment, townhouse or villa. In the most sought after locations along the coast; Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas Costa, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Puerto Banus or Estepona - we will have something that suits your needs and budget.

Check out our hand picked selection of Costa del Sol bargain properties, these properties are updated regularly so make sure you bookmark this page and come back to visit regularly for the best Spanish property bargains with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bargain Properties ...

Are there lots of bargain priced properties on the Costa del Sol?

There are a variety of properties available on the Costa del Sol, including some that may be considered "bargain-priced." However, the cost of a property can vary depending on factors such as location, size, and condition. It's best to research the specific area and type of property you're interested in to get a better idea of the prices that are available. Keep in mind that the real estate market is always changing and prices can fluctuate over time.

What would you classify a bargain property as?

A "bargain property" is generally considered to be a real estate property that is priced lower than the market value for similar properties in the same area. The exact definition of a "bargain" can vary depending on the context and the specific market conditions.

In general, a bargain property could be considered a property that is priced significantly below its estimated market value, due to factors such as bank repossessions, short sales, or properties that are in need of repairs. However, prices can also be considered a bargain when there is a high supply and low demand, which causes the prices to be lowered.

It's important to keep in mind that while a property may be considered a "bargain" in terms of price, it may require significant repairs or renovations before it is livable or suitable for rental. Additionally, the location of the property and its proximity to amenities, schools, transportation and other factors should also be taken into account.

Why are bargain properties a good investment?

Bargain properties can be a good investment for a few reasons:

Price: Because bargain properties are priced lower than the market value, they can provide investors with an opportunity to purchase property at a discounted price. This can allow investors to enter the market at a lower cost, potentially increasing their return on investment.

Potential appreciation: Bargain properties that are purchased below market value have the potential to appreciate in value as the market improves.

Cash flow: If a bargain property is purchased as a rental property, it can provide a positive cash flow for the investor.

Potential for renovation and reselling: If a bargain property is in need of repairs, an investor can renovate the property and resell it at a higher price.

Potential for high returns: Bargain properties have a high potential for returns as they are purchased at a lower price and with a good strategy and timing it can be sold or rented at a much higher price.

However, it's important to keep in mind that there are also risks associated with investing in bargain properties. These properties may require significant repairs or renovations, and the investor should carefully consider the costs of these repairs and the potential return on investment before making a purchase.